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Natrient NoHang

By Natrient

Herbal Supplement. All Natural. Advanced Nutraceutical Support For Alcohol Consumption. NoHang is a revolutionary herbal supplement scientifically designed to give you the unique dietary supplement support you need when drinking alcohol. Whether you're partying all night or just enjoying a couple of glasses of wine, alcohol consumption produces toxins in the liver that deplete and compromise the immune system, resulting in dehydration, exhaustion, and a wide range of other uncomfortable symptoms. NoHang's advanced botanical complex goes to work while you drink to neutralize toxins and protect the immune system. Unlike other products that require you to take more capsules every few hours, NoHang is so effective that you only need a single dose (2 capsules) for a 24-hour period. For feeling your best the next morning, take NoHang before you drink and never regret a good time.

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